Democracy Now: Michigan-based Christian Military Accused of Plotting War Against Federal Gov’t

A ninth member of a Michigan-based Christian militia has been arrested as part of an alleged plot to spark a war against the federal government. The Justice Department has accused the members of the Hutaree militia of planning on killing a law enforcement officer and then bombing the funeral procession. On Monday, the ex-wife of the alleged militia leader, David B. Stone, spoke to the media.

Donna Stone: “He’s got a temper. He can get radical, and he wants things done his way. One way or another, they will get done his way is the way he looks at everything.”

Reporter: “And are they using weapons? Are they using bombs?”

Donna Stone: “I can honestly say I have seen weapons, but I’ve never seen bombs at David’s house.”

~ by wheresthemic on March 30, 2010.

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