Democracy Now: US to Withdraw Troops from Haiti

The US has announced it will withdraw its military relief operation from Haiti on June 1st. Hundreds of US forces have been inside Haiti since the January earthquake. Haitian President René Préval, meanwhile, announced Wednesday the creation of a commission to oversee Haiti’s reconstruction.

Haitian President René Préval: “With the promise of international help and the Haitian people, though they are still in tough times, we are working to create jobs, we are working to build homes, and we are working for education.”

Israel Again Rejects Call for East Jerusalem Settlement Freeze
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has again rejected the US call for a complete freeze to settlement building in occupied East Jerusalem. The Wall Street Journal reports Netanyahu relayed his stance to the White House over the weekend. The Palestinian Authority has conditioned a resumption of peace talks on an Israeli settlement freeze.

~ by wheresthemic on April 22, 2010.

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