Democracy Now: Kagan Faces Opening Day of Questioning at Confirmation Hearings

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan faced her first day of questioning Tuesday in her confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. In an exchange with Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Kagan admitted defining her political views as “generally progressive” but said they remain separate from her legal decisions.

Elena Kagan: “Senator Sessions, It’s absolutely the case that I have served in two Democratic administrations and I think—”

Sen. Jeff Sessions: “No, but I’m asking do you agree with the characterization that you’re a political progressive?”

Elena Kagan: “Senator Sessions, I honestly don’t know what that label means. I’ve worked in two Democratic administrations, as Senator Graham suggested yesterday, and I think he’s right, that you can tell something about me and my political views from that but as I suggested to you, my political views are one thing—”

In other testimony, Kagan also said she respects legal precedent upholding the right to gun ownership and said she backs the denial of habeus corpus rights to foreign prisoners. The confirmation hearings continue today.

~ by wheresthemic on June 30, 2010.

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