New Year 2011

Another year has arrived. It is another opportunity to renew our commitments to shape the society that we want. It is another opportunity to use the latest technology for social justice and human rights. It is another opportunity to break down the walls and barriers that we have created for ourselves and each other, and look at each other truly as manifestations of omnipotent creation, vessels in the universal atmosphere, understanding that we are all of the same energy, and that harming another means harming ourselves, as well as uplifting another means uplifting ourselves. This is the time to recommit to the understanding that at the simplest level we are all human beings, and that we should all do what we can to act and serve as human rights activists. Anything less than that will guarantee that business as usual will prevail. After thousands of years of the same, do we really want that? Personally, I cannot accept that things are just the way they are; those who live comfortably assert that position. For the rest who suffer worldwide, it is unacceptable. The largest story this past year has been the disasters that took place in Haiti. Yet they have been all but forgotten in the public eye; pushed to the media margins. This process is disturbingly commonplace, where the traumatic events in human history become snapshots. We need to be more vociferous in our human rights positions, surpassing our undying loyalty to the consumer culture; renewing the corporate branding phenomenon. The usual suspects for the New Year’s resolutions will be renewed: losing weight, building wealth, etc. but the universal resolution needs to be to dismantle all of the religious, social, and political rhetoric and truly, for once, actualize humanity.

~ by wheresthemic on January 1, 2011.

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