Democracy Now: U.N. Human Rights Chief Condemns Libya for “Crimes Against Humanity”

The U.N. Human Rights Council is set to to meet in Geneva tomorrow to address the Libyan government’s assault on demonstrators. The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, renewed her call for an international probe of the Libyan government for “crimes against humanity.”

Navi Pillay: “I expect that the outcome may well pick up on the suggestion I made that there is an immediate need for an international independent investigation of violence against unarmed protesters in Libya, which I considered would constitute crimes against humanity.”

The United States has faced calls to impose a no-fly zone over Tripoli and reinstate sanctions against the Libyan government. In Washington, D.C., President Obama said he is considering several options, calling the violence “unacceptable.”

President Obama: “The suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable. So are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of Libya. These actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. This violence must stop. The entire world is watching, and we will coordinate our assistance and accountability measures with the international community.”

~ by wheresthemic on February 24, 2011.

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