Democracy Now: Assad Orders Review of Emergency Law, Blames “Foreign Conspiracy” for Unrest

Syrian President Bashar Assad has reportedly ordered the formation of a government panel to review lifting a decades-old emergency law. The law has been among the key targets of a recent wave of protests that drew a government crackdown leaving over 60 dead. The review comes one day after Assad delivered a defiant address that made no concessions to the protesters’ demands. Speaking before Syrian lawmakers, Assad blamed the unrest in Syria on a foreign conspiracy and said protesters were at fault for the deaths.

Syrian President Bashar Assad: “It is clear that Syria today is being subjected to a big conspiracy. The conspiracy is linked to close and distant countries, and it has some internal links. There were instructions not to harm any Syrian citizen, but when events happen in the streets and the dialogue takes place in the streets instead of legal institutions, that leads to chaos in which the (protesters) reaction prevails and the wrong view becomes the dominant view. That leads to bloodshed and this is what happened and you all know it.”

~ by wheresthemic on March 31, 2011.

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