Democracy Now: 100 Protesters Detained in France Ahead of G8 Summit

French police detained some 100 people protesting against the Group of Eight summit Thursday as protests sprung up across the country to mare the two-day summit. In the city of Le Havre, demonstrators occupied a branch of the BNP bank that they said helped finance the nuclear industry.
Protester: “We are here to condemn two things… different people … nuclear power, because BNP, the bank which invests the most in nuclear power in the world, at an global level. And this is also the bank that does the most tax evasion in France. 1.9 billion euros of tax evasion in 2010. It’s a record. 69 branches in the tax havens.”
In Paris, Doctors Without Borders hung a giant banner advocating free medical care outside the Paris stock exchange building. Another group of activists managed to get inside the Paris offices of credit rating agency Standard & Poors. Greenpeace executive director Kumi Naidoo harshly criticized the G8 summit.
Kumi Naidoo: “The G8 is basically a cartel, a self-appointed cartel of eight dominant nations which carry actually the biggest responsibility collectively for climate change and a whole range of other issues. What we are concerned about the G8 is—and if you have a look at the draft communiqués which have been leaked now—that it’s a regurgitation every year of the same commitments, re-packaged and re-stated. This is not leadership, this is fraudulence and it needs to be addressed.”

~ by wheresthemic on May 27, 2011.

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