Democracy Now: Fighting Erupts in Somali Capital over Food Aid

Heavy clashes have erupted in the Somali capital of Mogadishu after African Union troops launched operations against the militant group, al-Shabab. The A.U. says it is trying to protect famine relief efforts from al-Shabab, which has reportedly tried to block the delivery of aid after initially denying that a famine is taking place. At least six people were killed in the violence. At a Doctors Without Borders clinic in neighboring Kenya, a physician said medical workers are struggling to treat those needing care.
Mohamed Gedi: “In the next few months, up to November at least, if not more, we expect more and more patients to come. Hopefully now we’re getting a lot of response in terms of the medical care. The organizations that are here are already putting more energy and more resources into this. But it’s not just the healthcare that they need. These are people who are here because they don’t have food; it’s not that they became sick, then they are malnourished.”

~ by wheresthemic on July 30, 2011.

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