Democracy Now: Violence in Yemen Escalates Despite Call for Ceasefire

Violence in Yemen continues to escalate despite a call for a ceasefire announced by the embattled government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. At least seven protesters were killed in the capital city of Sana’a Tuesday, as Saleh told the U.S. ambassador that he would sign a deal to step down—an offer he has made several times before. Despite the claims, government troops were still firing into crowds of protesting civilians late into the evening Tuesday. Protesters described being attacked by Yemeni forces.
Yemeni protester: “We were walking in the street of al Zeraah. They told us walk in peace, and when we arrived to the area, they besieged us from behind, and a military vehicle sprayed us from the front, and then we were fired upon by bullets. They opened fire, threw stones at us, fired tear gas, water.”

~ by wheresthemic on October 26, 2011.

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