Democracy Now: North Korea Vows No Change in Direction Under Jong-un

North Korea has issued a defiant call rejecting a change in direction under new leader Kim Jong-un. In its first official communication directed at the outside world following the death of Kim Jong-il, the North Korean government addressed whom it called “foolish politicians around the world” and “puppet forces in South Korea.”
North Korean State Television newsreader: “On this occasion, we solemnly declare with confidence that foolish politicians around the world, including the puppet forces in South Korea, should not expect any changes from us. The sea of bloody tears by our people and military will chase the rebellious faction until the end, to become the sea of revenge, burning the rebellious faction until nothing is left. The sound of mourning will become the roaring of the sound of the gunfire to collapse the puppets’ stronghold.”

~ by wheresthemic on December 31, 2011.

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