Democracy Now: Police Dismantle Occupy London, Arrest 20 Activists

Police in London have arrested 20 Occupy London activists and dismantled the Occupy encampment outside St. Paul’s Cathedral, where protesters have been staying for four months. Police removed 50 tents. Symon Hill of the Christian group, Ekklesia, accused the police of using brutal force to dismantle the encampment.

Symon Hill: “Some of us from Christianity Uncut knelt on the floor to pray, and bailiffs had to push past us. And then they charged in to start pulling down the tents. And it was very quick. It was very brutal. There’s people who’ve been sleeping in those tents for four months, seen their homes uprooted. There were people appealing to the bailiffs. There were people calling out. All the resistance I’ve seen has been entirely nonviolent.”

Some Occupy London protesters are vowing to continue the protest.

Occupy London protester: “A lot of people are saying that to me as if this is it now, this is over. It’s not. This is just the beginning. This is just where it starts to kick off. A lot of these people, including myself, will be willing to stay here regardless. The only thing that’s being told to move right now is the tents. We’re not being told to move, so we’re going to stay here for as long as we can.”

~ by wheresthemic on February 29, 2012.

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