Democracy Now: Voters in Michigan and Arizona Head to Polls for GOP Primary

It is primary day in Michigan and Arizona. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum appear to be in a dead heat in Michigan, where Romney was born and where his father once served as governor. Romney is expected to easily win in Arizona. On Monday, Romney criticized Santorum’s work résumé.

Mitt Romney: “Senator Santorum is a nice guy, but he’s never had a job in the private sector. He’s worked as a lobbyist, worked as an elected official. That’s fine. But if the issue of the day is the economy, I think to create jobs it helps to have a guy as president who’s had a job, and I have.”

Rick Santorum also campaigned in Michigan on Monday.

Rick Santorum: “As you can imagine, pretty excited to be here. This was not a place that, frankly, I thought we were going to be competing at the level that we are competing, here in the state of Michigan. But we’re excited, because this is a great place to show the kind of potential that our campaign has. And being able to connect and attract the voters that are absolutely essential for us to be able to win this election in the general election, that’s the focus.”

~ by wheresthemic on February 29, 2012.

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