Democracy Now: New U.S. Sanctions Target “Digital Guns for Hire” in Syria, Iran

President Obama spoke at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Monday and used the speech to announce new sanctions against Syria and Iran for using the internet and social media to target activists. The Obama administration said the sanctions will go after so-called “digital guns for hire.”

President Obama: “I’ve signed an executive order that authorizes new sanctions against the Syrian government and Iran, and those that abet them, for using technologies to monitor and track and target citizens for violence. These technologies should not empower — these technologies should be in place to empower citizens, not to repress them. And it’s one more step that we can take toward the day that we know will come — the end of the Assad regime that has brutalized the Syrian people — and allow the Syrian people to chart their own destiny.”


~ by wheresthemic on April 24, 2012.

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