Democracy Now: Exposé on Immigrant Children Among Recipients of Hillman Journalism Prize

The Hillman prize for journalism in the service of the common good was awarded on Tuesday to a number of recipients. The honorees included Seth Wessler of the Applied Research Center for his report on thousands of U.S.-born children separated from detained or deported immigrants parents. Wessler discussed his findings on Democracy Now! last year.

Seth Wessler: “There are at least 5,000 children who are now stuck in foster care, and they’re stuck there because their parents have been detained or deported. The United States has, in the last year, deported a historic number of people: 400,000 people. And one of the most troubling collateral effects of that, that we found after a year-long investigation, is that many children are now separated from their mothers and fathers for extended periods of time, sometimes permanently. Sometimes they never see their parents again.”


~ by wheresthemic on May 3, 2012.

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