Democracy Now: German Chancellor Rejects Call to Remake Euro Austerity Pact

In other European news, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected calls by newly elected French President François Hollande to renegotiate the European fiscal pact that has led to widespread austerity measures across the continent. Merkel spoke at a news conference on Monday.

Chancellor Angela Merkel: “We in Germany are of the opinion, and so am I personally, that the fiscal pact is not negotiable. It has been negotiated and has been signed by 25 countries. It has been ratified by Greece and Portugal. In Ireland, there will be a referendum on May 31. And I think that the fiscal pact is right. And it is a basic approach in Europe that we do not change everything we have decided upon already after elections, whether in big or small countries. If that was the case, then we could not work in Europe.”


~ by wheresthemic on May 8, 2012.

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