Democracy Now: Romney Bullied Gay High School Classmate

Five people who attended high school with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney have come forward to reveal Romney bullied a student who was thought to be gay. Speaking to the Washington Post, Romney’s former classmates at Michigan’s Cranbrook School say Romney became incensed after seeing the student, John Lauber, with bleached-blond hair. According to their account, Romney and other classmates tackled Lauber to the ground and then forcefully cut off his hair with a pair of scissors. Speaking to Fox News Radio, Romney said he could not recall the 1965 incident and initially laughed when confronted with the details. He then offered a conditional apology.

Brian Kilmeade: “They say that you and a couple of his friends, who—this guy was thought to be a homosexual—cut his hair, pinned him down and cut his hair. Do you remember any of this?”

Mitt Romney: “You know, I don’t—I don’t remember that incident. And I’ll tell you, I certainly don’t believe that I or—I can’t speak for other people, of course, that thought the fellow was homosexual. That was the furthest thing from our minds back in the 1960s, so that was not the case. But as to pranks that were played back then, I don’t remember them all. But again, you know, high school days, and I did stupid things, why, I’m afraid that I got to say sorry for it.”

~ by wheresthemic on May 11, 2012.

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