Democracy Now: Activists Protest Resumption of Controversial Immigration Policy in New York

Protesters rallied in New York City on Monday to oppose the resumption of a controversial federal immigration enforcement policy that requires local police to forward fingerprints of every person they arrest to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The program, Secure Communities, allows federal immigration officials to pursue deportation against those found to be undocumented or a non-citizen with a criminal record. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo suspended involvement in the program last June but it goes back into effect today. Juan Martinez is with New York’s Project Hospitality.
Juan Martinez: “This is going to harm us a lot. We can no longer calmly go to work. We have to take precautionary measures because we know the program will be prejudiced towards us. We can no longer live tranquilly, because we have children born here and what would happen to them if one day they deported us? The government doesn’t care about that, they just care about these times of raids because it brings them more money.”


~ by wheresthemic on May 15, 2012.

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