Democracy Now: Anti-NATO Protesters Target Boeing, Obama Campaign HQ

Protesters wrapped up days of action around the NATO summit in Chicago on Monday with a march to the headquarters of the military contractor Boeing. Later in the day, demonstrators protested outside the headquarters of President Obama’s re-election campaign.

Aaron Weiner: “I think, like a lot of people here, I feel a little betrayed. The whole ‘hope and change’ dialogue was so prominent in his campaign, and yet there’s really been so little, and we’re still seeing all of this money being spent on security, being spent on various wars, and it’s just — there hasn’t been that change that we were promised.”

Attorneys for protesters in the week’s largest march on Sunday say more than 60 people were arrested and more than two dozen were treated for wounds at the hands of police. Four police officers were also treated for injuries.

~ by wheresthemic on May 22, 2012.

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