Democracy Now: Rutgers Student Gets 30-Day Sentence in Gay Bullying Case

A former Rutgers University student has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for spying on a gay classmate who later took his own life. Tyler Clementi jumped to his death from a bridge in September 2010 after two classmates shared a videotape of him having sex with another man in his dorm room. The students had recorded Clementi’s sexual encounter without his knowledge. He had just started his freshman year at Rutgers University. On Monday, Judge Glenn Berman sentenced one of the students, Dharun Ravi.

Glenn Berman: “There will be 300 hours of community service. This defendant will attend a counseling program relative to cyber-bullying and alternate lifestyles. There will be a $10,000 (U.S.) recessment paid over to the probation department. This, I hope, is the constructive part, though I doubt the defendant will see it that way. That sum will be allotted to a state-licensed or state-chartered community-based organization dedicated to providing assistance to victims of bias crimes.”

~ by wheresthemic on May 22, 2012.

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