Democracy Now: Pakistan Faces U.S. Warning for Sentencing of Doctor Who Aided CIA

Two top lawmakers have warned Pakistan over the sentencing of a doctor who ran a fake vaccination campaign to help the CIA locate Osama bin Laden. The doctor, Shakil Afridi, was sentenced to 30 years in prison this week for setting up the vaccination effort in an attempt to get DNA from the bin Laden family. In a statement, Senators John McCain of Arizona and Carl Levin of Michigan, the ranking members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said Afridi’s imprisonment could “diminish Congress’s willingness to provide financial assistance to Pakistan.” At the State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland was questioned on the Obama administration’s handling of Afridi’s case.

Reporter: “Since he was helping the U.S. on various matters in the CIA, how come you left him to die or to be in prisons to sentenced by the Pakistanis on treason on other charges? How come you didn’t give him some kind of protection or—, or just like the Chinese Chen, Mr. Chen, just like him, to bring him somewhere, give him some safe haven rather than leaving him behind?”

Victoria Nuland: “I think we’ve said that we don’t see any basis for what’s happened here. And so you know, we will continue to make those representations to the government of Pakistan.”

~ by wheresthemic on May 24, 2012.

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