Democracy Now: Suspect Arrested in Mexico for Murder of U.S. Journalist Brad Will

In Mexico, an arrest has been made in the 2006 killing of independent U.S. journalist Brad Will. The 36-year-old Will was shot and killed while covering the popular uprising against then-Oaxaca Gov. Ulises Ruiz. Will’s own camera captured the shooting, with armed men firing into the crowd from a distance. On Wednesday, Oaxaca attorney General Manuel de Jesus Lopez said the findings of a human rights group had helped resolve the case.

Manuel de Jesus Lopez: “We followed a line of investigation which hadn’t previously been explored. A hypothesis that had been provided by the CNDH (National Commission for Human Rights) at the time, and, as has been explained, when that line of investigation was followed, we arrived at the same hypothesis. But it was also strengthened throughout the course of the investigation with the testimony of eyewitnesses.”

The suspect has been identified as Lenin Osorio. Oaxacan prosecutors had previously charged a Mexican activist for the killing, but Will’s own family had been among those to call for the activist’s release. Jose Luis Garcia of the Oaxaca teacher’s union called the arrest a vindication for the group.

Jose Luis Garcia: “Once again, we have to say that this is a victory for the teachers, in that today they have in custody the man believed to be responsible for the murder of American Brad Will which took place in 2006. The teacher’s union repeatedly said that our companion Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno was innocent.”

Will’s supporters have long believed pro-government paramilitaries were responsible for his killing, saying images captured at the scene show government and police officials shooting directly at demonstrators.

~ by wheresthemic on May 24, 2012.

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