Democracy Now: Muslim Brotherhood Claims Egypt Elections; Military Council Claims New Powers

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has declared victory in the country’s landmark presidential elections. The group says its candidate, Mohammed Morsi, beat out former Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq by close to one million votes in the weekend’s presidential run-off. Shafiq’s campaign has refused to concede defeat, and says it will await final results due later this week. Turnout was lower than in the first round of voting, with around 46 percent of Egypt’s 51 million eligible voters taking part. Many Egyptians stayed home in protest of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which dissolved Egypt’s parliament late last week. On Sunday, the Council threw the country into further disarray after releasing new guidelines that will severely limit presidential authority while shoring up its own powers. The move hands all legislative responsibilities to the Council until a new parliament is formed. But the new parliament can only happen after the drafting of a new Egyptian constitution — a process that could take months.


~ by wheresthemic on June 18, 2012.

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