Democracy Now: Rodney King, LAPD Beating Victim, Dies at 47

Rodney King, the Los Angeles motorist whose brutal beating by local police led to the city’s 1992 riots, has died at the age of 47. King became a symbol of police brutality against people of color, particularly African Americans, when a witness videotaped four police officers beating and tasering him as he lay helpless on the ground. The officers’ subsequent acquittal by an-all white jury sparked the L.A. riots 20 years ago. As the unrest raged in the streets, King issued a famous appeal for calm.

Rodney King: “People, I just want to say, can we all get along? Can we get along?”

The L.A. riots’ 20th anniversary was observed in April. At a recent event, Rodney King discussed how he hoped to be remembered.

Rodney King: “Can’t we all get along? Simple. And why can’t we all get along? Can I try and do it like Rodney? Can I find some piece of mind by being humble? I know, I’m in a bad situation, but let me think this out, you know what I mean? Let me give you some time, and let me think about how I’m going to go about doing this. Can’t we all just get along? And that’s how I would like to be remembered after I’m dead and gone.”


~ by wheresthemic on June 18, 2012.

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