Democracy Now: Bahraini Activist Nabeel Rajab Sentenced to 3 Years for Protesting U.S.-Backed Regime

A prominent human rights activist in Bahrain has been sentenced to three years in prison for taking part in protests against the U.S.-backed regime. Nabeel Rajab, the president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, was detained in June after criticizing the Bahraini government in Twitter messages and in media appearances, including one on Democracy Now! in May. During his comments, Rajab had criticized U.S. support for the ruling monarchy.

Nabeel Rajab: “We are very upset about United States’ position with Bahrain. We are very upset about United States trying to hide the crimes and trying to hide the violation happening in all the Gulf country. Because the Gulf country are a rich region, because it’s a big arm market, because it’s a big oil exporter, we have to suffer for that. We are victims for being a rich region. We are a victim of being a region that have an interest with the United States. Unfortunately, the United States — and the West, as well, comes after United States — have ignored completely the crime what’s happening here.”


~ by wheresthemic on August 16, 2012.

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