Democracy Now: Youngest Gitmo Prisoner Transferred to Canada

The youngest prisoner and last Western citizen held by the U.S. military at Guantánamo Bay has been transferred to finish his sentence in his native Canada. Omar Khadr was 15 years old when U.S. troops imprisoned him for killing a U.S. soldier during a 2002 attack on his village in Afghanistan. Khadr says U.S. military guards beat him and threatened him with rape after he arrived at Guantánamo that same year. After 10 years at Guantánamo, Khadr faces up to another six years in prison behind bars in Canada but could be eligible for parole as early as next year. On Saturday, Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews confirmed Khadr’s transfer.

Vic Toews: “Early this morning, convicted terrorist Omar Khadr was transferred to Canadian authorities at CFB Trenton. I am satisfied the Correctional Service of Canada can administer Omar Khadr’s sentence in a manner which recognizes the serious nature of the crimes that he has committed, and ensure the safety of Canadians is protected during incarceration. Any decisions related to his future will be determined by an independent Parole Board of Canada in accordance with Canadian law.”

Khadr was the first person since World War II to be prosecuted in a war crimes tribunal for acts allegedly committed as a juvenile. The Canadian government says it accepted him earlier than planned under pressure from the United States.


~ by wheresthemic on October 1, 2012.

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