Democracy Now: Venezuela: Chávez, Opponent Rally Supporters Ahead of Election

Presidential candidates in Venezuela held closing rallies Thursday ahead of Sunday’s election. President Hugo Chávez is facing challenger Henrique Capriles in what could be the toughest challenge of his 14-year rule. Chávez, who is recovering from recent cancer surgeries, addressed hundreds of thousands of supporters in Caracas.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez: “You all know that there were several times that I was about to die for being faithful to the Venezuelan people and that is my path. I will not fail you. I will always be faithful to the Venezuelan people.”

Chávez’s opponent Henrique Capriles held a rally in the Venezuelan state of Lara Thursday. In his remarks he addressed Chávez directly, saying it was time for a change.

Henrique Capriles: “I want to tell you: your term ends. I thank you infinitely from my heart that you, during this campaign, allowed me to see clearly the route we must take, the route of love not hate, the route towards light not darkness, the route of love and commitment to the people, not of insult nor hate.”


~ by wheresthemic on October 5, 2012.

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