Democracy Now: Hugo Chávez Wins Re-election in Venezuela with 54% of Vote

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has won his fourth presidential election, defeating challenger Henrique Capriles. Chávez took 54 percent of the vote to Capriles’ 45 percent in a race widely seen as Chávez’s strongest challenge since his first victory in 1998. At a victory rally outside the presidential palace, Chávez reached out to the political opposition and called for unity among Venezuelans.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez: “I send my words of recognition to all of those who voted against us. I send out a special recognition for your democratic talent, for your participation, for the civic demonstration that you have given today despite not agreeing with the Bolivarian proposition. I invite you to dialogue, to debate and to the joint work for a Bolivarian Venezuela.”

In his concession speech later in the night, Capriles urged Chávez to recognize the voices of those who voted against him.

Henrique Capriles: “I hope a political movement that has been in power for 14 years understands that almost half the country does not agree with it. I ask those who remain in power for respect, consideration and recognition of almost half the country.”


~ by wheresthemic on October 8, 2012.

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