Democracy Now: U.S. Imposes Troop Curfew in Japan Following Alleged Rape

The U.S. military has imposed a curfew on all U.S. forces in Japan following the arrest of two American troops for allegedly raping a Japanese woman on the island of Okinawa. The top U.S. commander in Japan, Lieutenant General Sam Angelella, announced the curfew earlier today.

Lt. Gen. Sam Angelella: “I want to personally apologize for the grief and trauma the victim has endured and the anger it has caused among the people in Okinawa. I am immediately issuing a curfew to all military personnel in Japan, both temporary and assigned. In addition, core value training, retraining for military and SOFA civilians will be conducted by subordinate commanders, and a review of the USFJ liberty policy will be executed over the coming days and weeks.”


~ by wheresthemic on October 19, 2012.

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