Democracy Now: U.S. Soldier Charged in Massacre of Afghan Civilians Appears in Court

The U.S. soldier charged for the massacre of Afghan civilians in March appeared in court Monday for a preliminary hearing to determine whether he will face a full court-martial. Robert Bales faces 16 counts of murder, one for each of his victims. Musa Mahmuddi of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission called on the United States to ensure that the victims’ families are heard.

Musa Mahmuddi: “We strongly demand and we strongly ask the United States that the justice should be applied, and a trial should be based on the principles of fair trial and provide opportunities and time to victim families and members to be represented and to be heard in the court of the United States there.”

Robert Bales was on his fourth combat tour following earlier stints in Iraq and Afghanistan. On Monday, a former military comrade testified that Bales had shown no remorse after committing the shootings. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

~ by wheresthemic on November 7, 2012.

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