About Aware and Outraged

3887Aware and Outraged: Silence is For Suckers

Speaking Truth is an Art Form

Raw and Uncensored Performance Art

Warning!!! Not for the Easily Offended!

 “Profanity is what you see everyday. Words don’t do it justice.”

A resounding voice from Aware and Outraged, a multimedia solo project, conceived by award winning performance artist/activist Ron Kipling Williams.

Through his lively and thought-provoking performances, Williams makes a clarion call to speak truth to power, to break down all boxes and barriers that divide and conquer, and to create a world of social justice and human rights for all.

Be prepared to go on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as he satirizes George Bush, exposes Christian hypocrisy, incites women power and invokes the memory of Emmett Till.

No one escapes his crosshairs as he blasts institutions and individuals who practice racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia, religious fanaticism and other abuses that have historically persecuted and oppressed people at home and worldwide.

Williams depicts in Aware and Outraged the violence that has plagued American society with disastrous consequences, and chastises those who elect to bury their heads in the sand and not get involved, with his chant, “Silence is For Suckers!”

Williams has been hailed by his peers as, “One of the most important, and perhaps one of the most dangerous spoken word artists in the twenty-first century.”

Aware and Outraged is a show that comes once in a generation, leaving an indelible mark beyond its time.

For information and for bookings, call 443-803-4239, email at awareandoutraged@yahoo.com, or  www.Facebook.com/RonKiplingWilliams.  

3 Responses to “About Aware and Outraged”

  1. Lord God I know, that you don’t really hear from me much,
    But I’m in need of your love, and your miraculous touch;
    I appreciate my life and the talents you gave,
    I maybe breathing oxygen but my life’s in the grave;
    I was left to die on the streets by my father and mother,
    and since that time, I couldn’t re-establish love with another;
    And so i lived a life of crime all because of the pain,
    as my mother died slow with cocaine in her veins;
    so I sat inside a jail cell for breaking the law ,
    While america was found not guilty claiming freedom for all;
    Now I don’t know Lord this aint fair to me,
    These truths don’t seem self evident down here to me;
    – Now hold up Lord, Ima let you talk just give me a minute – all I ask is that you take the pain out my heart,
    all right Lord I turn it over it’s your turn to talk.
    I let injustice take it’s course but it’s not in my name,
    I gave the world to you my son, with the power to change;
    Would I grieve my own heart and see you painfully live,
    Hold up – I listened to complain about the blessings I give;
    It’s not just you, I know you’re not the only one,
    I love you all – that’s why I sent my only Son;
    I kept you all from seeing death, and I do miracles daily,
    but you blame me for losing family friends and babies;
    And you talk about the pain you feel in your heart,
    Think about the pain I feel and then we can talk!

    Written by WilliamStaton III Copyrights @ Kingdom Come publishing 2007

  2. this is an extremely touching peace…
    thank you for sharing your light with us ron.
    it’s such an unfiltered illumination.

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