About Ron Kipling Williams

Ron Kipling Williams  

Ron Kipling Williams is a political spoken word/performance artist, human rights activist/organizer, and independent journalist.

He has made several radio, television, cable and internet talk show appearances throughout the mid-Atlantic region as a spoken word artist, political commentator and freelance journalist, alongside with such notables as Mary Carter Smith and Dick Gregory.

Ron organizes with human rights organizations such as the United Workers, Gimmie Shelter, and is on board with the newly formed Black Male Identity Project, a collaborative effort between Art on Purpose, the Maryland Humanities Council, Open Society Institute (OSI), the Maryland State Arts Council, the Cohen Opportunity Fund at the Associated, and local community activist organizations.

In 1995, Ron received an African American Unsung Hero Award by Baltimore Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke for his work as an artist and activist. In 2011, he won the United Workers Human Rights Champion of the Year Award.

He has performed in major local venues including ArtScape, Center Stage, the Baltimore Museum of Art, Theater Project, and the Baltimore Book Festival.

Ron won the 1998 Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Grant for Solo Performance for his one man show, If the World Were Like Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, which received critical acclaim along the college circuit on the east coast. His current multimedia one man show, Aware and Outraged, was launched in 2005.

He has performed with the Arena Players, The Baltimore Theater Project, The American Theater Project, and the DC Coalition against Domestic Violence.

In 2006 Ron founded the Radical Artist Movement, a socio-political edutainment band of spoken word artists and musicians dedicated to incite, inspire, inform and agitate citizens into collective action for fundamental change.

In 2008 he became allies with Gimmie Shelter Productions, a collective of poets, musicians, painters, and dancers who through their work over 15 years have been helping the underserved in Baltimore City.

Ron has served as organizer for social justice festivals and events such as the 2007 Alternate ROOTS Creative Convergence Festival, the James Baldwin Literary Society (JAMBALITSO) 2008 and 2010 celebrations, and the Gimmie Shelter Benefit for the United Workers.

He has lectured and facilitated workshops in Baltimore City Schools and community outreach programs focusing on journalism, youth apprenticeship and life skills training. In 2008, Ron launched Out of the Box, a workshop that focuses on holistic coping strategies geared toward academic, corporate, and other workforce environments.

Ron has written for major Baltimore publications including the Baltimore Times and the Baltimore Indypendent Reader, a social justice print and on-line media project. He runs his own artist/activist blog site, http://www.awareandoutraged.com.

In 2011 he released his debut CD, Aware and Outraged: Silence is for Suckers, available for purchase on http://www.cdbaby.com.

5 Responses to “About Ron Kipling Williams”

  1. Greetings, Bro. Ron!

    I hope you and Sis. Suzette are doing well. I’ve been either busy or feeling crappy (Right now I’m a little of both) so I haven’t been in touch; my apologies. My brother-in-law, Sasha and I made the trip to Plymouth and it was a fun experience, especially for Sasha. People came up to her and petted her, and one Brotha asked to have his picture taken with her! I think she sometimes gets more out of these Road Trips than I do!

    We’re continuing to meet to organize Maryland through the SRDC Plan. Tafari tells me he’s been in touch with you, so I figure he’s told you stuff. We’re planning for the 2011 National Conference, which will be here in August (19-21). We hope you can come on board and help us get it all together!

    Tafari tells me you’ve dropped your latest CD. Is it at Everyone’s Place yet? I’d like to see when I can go purchase a copy.

    Well, I gotta take the Puppy out in this frigid weather so she can get her Pre-Bed Time Potty, then I need to take my Feelin’-Crappy-Behind to bed. I look forward to hearing from both of you, and I hope things are well for you!

    Peace and Power,
    Bro. Cliff

    • Hey Bro. Cliff,

      Great to hear from you! Suzette and I have been talking about you. Glad the trip to Plymouth went so well. It is always the children that receive the most attention, right? Good to hear about the successful organizing for this year’s conference. Definitely keep us in the loop, and let us know what we can do to assist. Let’s meet for coffee or tea sometime. My suggestion is Peace and a Cup of Joe, 713 W. Pratt Street (just inside Martin Luther King Blvd. across from the University of Maryland.) A brother named Themar Long owns the spot. It’s been in existence for five years now.

      Yes I do have a CD out now! I need to connect with Brother Nati ASAP so that it can be sold at Everyone’s Place. Right now you can purchase it either through Red Emmas at 800 St. Paul Street in Mt. Vernon, or directly through me.

      Hit me up when you get a chance. Looking forward to talking with you.

      Peace and Love,


  2. Ron – Just a note from ‘Granny Franny’ to keep in touch with you and Suzette. Meeting you, talking with both of you, hearing your word filled a place that was hungry. Now I can go on with the thoughts and actions that come most naturally to me, reassured that I’m on the right path. Thank you for bringing all that you two are to York Arts …what do they call that?… oh, right.. Benevolent Armchair. 🙂

    with love, Fran

    • ‘Granny Franny’!!!!

      Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful words. We love you! Looking forward to seeing you soon. I felt honored that my work touched you so. It reaffirms that I am on the right path as well. Let us know of other events that are happening in your area!

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