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4 Responses to “Performance News”

  1. Ron-

    Thank you, my truth-speaking brother ! It’s “Winter in America” right
    now and the times demand our actions be compassionate and rooted
    in the truth…and the truth is we CANNOT allow the little ones to get
    hurt… avanti ! Marcus

  2. Hey Ron~
    It was great to meet you at the Madison House.
    When and where is the story coming out? I hope to see you at a Gimmie Shelter event soon.

    • Hey Edward,

      Great meeting you as well. The article came out in last Friday’s edition of the Times. It will be available in the newsstands until tomorrow when the new issue comes out. Otherwise, you should be able to check it out on the website at, and click on News. Hope to see you at a Gimmie Shelter event as well!

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