Democracy Now: Gitmo Prisoner Skips Evidentiary Hearing

At Guantanamo Bay, a Canadian prisoner boycotted his evidentiary hearing Thursday after refusing to wear blacked-out goggles and sound-deafening earmuffs while transported from his cell. The hearing is being held to weight Omar Khadr’s claims he was tortured into falsely confessing to killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan. Khadr was fifteen years old when US troops imprisoned him in 2002. He says U.S. military guards beat him and threatened him with rape after he arrived at Guantanamo that same year. Defense attorney Barry Coburn said Khadr is still being mistreated.

Barry Coburn: “We are just extremely, extremely concerned about what Mr. Khadr is suffering through and I think it was probably obvious to everyone in the courtroom that he appeared to be in extreme pain and I think even was crying at one point. So, I mean, the notion of putting tight, blacked out goggles on a person in this sort of physical condition is something, without necessarily putting a particular label on it, is something that I find extremely difficult to understand.”

Khadr later attended the afternoon session, where he occasionally broke into tears. He is set to be tried later this year in the first military tribunal of the Obama White House.

~ by wheresthemic on April 30, 2010.

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